A Castle to rent


An enchanting pitstop:
Château de Montalègre (Montalègre Castle) in Versols in
Southern Aveyron.
The castle is a medieval jewel beckoning from the 13th
Century. Overlooking the magical valley of the Sorgues,
this entirely renovated castle with swimming pool is for
rent on a weekly basis. A magical location for a gathering
of friends or family, of 27 people (with the cottage).

For the past 900 years, the Château de Montalègre proudly
dominates the Valley of the Sorgues. Four handsome towers
at each corner, with red shutters on the many windows that
let out onto picturesque landscapes. Enjoy life at the
Castle on the gotbank of the Sorgues.

Between Saint-Affrique and the Larzac plateau, the Valley
of the Sorgues has the subdued charm of hidden treasures.
Il is not as renown as other aveyronnese valleys, and yet
its singular beauty has in all seasons attracted noblemen
and notables of Montpellier in search of authentic vacation
spots. The villages bordering the Sorgues are as warm as
they are beautiful. Thus Versols, from where the silouette
of Montalègre, in the heart of the forest, can be seen by
merely looking upwards.

Meals are taken in the
vaulted dining room, entirely restaured, and there is a swimming pool facing the castle. Suntanning on the terrass, with
the unique panoramic view, is ideal.


They will share with you their love for old rocks, and will show
you the infinite activities in the magical Southern
Aveyron. Places to admire, to enjoy, to breathe, like the
Abbey of Sylvanès, the cellars of Roquefort, or the Templar
villages of the Larzac. They will also show you the unique
artisans and their craftwork, such as the Shephard Sack.

tel:00.335. email:chateaudemontalegre@wanadoo.fr